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Speech of Gaston Ebua (10/02/2001)

Break the Invisible Berlin Wall to Unite the People in Germany

Ladies and gentlemen, dear people!

Today we solidarise against terror and the victims of terror are refugees and symbolise the terror in the world. Tomorrow 3rd October is a holiday throughout Germany.and the refugees in Germany are in bondage living below the poverty line in the forests of Germany. We have to solidarise with refugees in Darmstadt and in Germany not only because refugees symbolise the terror in the world but because more refugees and migrants have been destroyed in Germany than in any other part of the world.

The Otto schilly administration has refused to protect refugee rights and now she is destroying refugees through out Europe and in Germany with the new Schilly bill for refugees and foreigners. Germany has leading role in the export of weapons in Europe to refugee lands with more than 50% of the fortress Europe border control.

Germany has the highest number of deportation prisons in Europe and open prisons with the restriction of movement of refugees by Residenzpfichtgesetz. Germany deports 40,000 refugees from this land every year with Lufthansa transporting 10,000 yearly to their end in a deportation buisness. germany spendsmore than 150,000 DM to higher private jets just to deport one refugee.

For the last 10 years more than 2000 documented death cases have been reported in at the borders, that are fortressed by German laws in Europe. Otto Schilly, the German Interior minister’s biggest and greatest foreign policy achievement has been on refugee repression, internally and exterally.

Tomorrow is 3rd of October, symbolising Noborder for freedom(Grenzen lose für freiheit) a sign standing at the Interior ministry entrance in Berlin. This in it’s self represents the Total Abolition of the Travel or Movement restriction law in Germany against the berlin wall of Human border in the society.This is because the berlin wall symbolised the restriction of movement on this land.

But the Berlin wall of human border is invisible and still exists as Residenzpflichtgesetz because it was a law ratified in Berlin still to forbid the movement of human beings. This has fortified the created human border in the society, with Apartheid between refugees and Germans.

For us to be proud of Reunification, we should make corporate contributions of political and legal donations to refugees in all camps in Darmstadt. This is to struggle together with refugees for free movement against the human border of Residenzpflichtgesetz.

We shall struggle together because after the terror attacks in Amerca we all see ourselves refugees without refugee in our own lands, even in our classrooms like today at the University mensa.We had to move to get food elsewhere. So other refugees coming here to seek help means war for human solidarity. We shall struggle together for free movement to make freedom ring Kiel to München, from Bonn to Berlin and From Darmstadt to Afghanistan.

We shall overcome the day Refugees and Germans will walk together as equal people in this land.